The Story

Eskay Label is designed and owned by Swedish mother/daughter duo, Hanna & Susanne Cousins. Taking inspiration from Susanne’s 30+ years of knitwear knowledge & combining it with newly inspired styles today, their goal is to develop heirloom knits, based in LA. Eskay Label is carrying down the knitwear craft from mother to daughter through Suss' knitwear hisory. They are working with tried & true techniques & developing pieces made to last with incredible hand & feel quality. They design locally for longevity & with a pure love for knitwear.

Waste-Free Production

We’re handling it all with a hands-on approach! At Eskay Label we hand loom, hand sew & hand crochet all of our pieces locally in LA. For those who are new to knitwear, let us introduce you to the glorious hand loom! Hand looming is a manual knitting machine. Its waste-free process develops each knitted piece right on the loom creating a ‘fully fashioned’ look. We create timeless pieces with an emphasis on slow fashion, taking the time to craft each shape & stitch. Working closely with our beloved artisan technicians, hand looming, sewing & crocheting allows us to knit each piece with heavenly precision in a sustainable way.

The Fibers

Let’s talk about yarn, our pride & joy. Eskay Label uses 100% cashmere, a biodegradable fiber, that is sustainably sourced in China. We’ve aligned our design with the ‘Good Cashmere Standard’ which ensures the proper treatment of animals, fair wages for farmers & and safe ecological production in the process of developing cashmere. We also apply our own sustainability methods by repurposing & up-cycling our cashmere samples, turning them into new & fabulous yarns to create even more styles. Along with sustainable cashmere, the main fiber we use is our recycled cotton blend made from cotton factory waste and plastic bottles.